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About Us


Smart Materials for a Smart World


Smart Material Corporation with its affiliated company Smart Material GmbH are developing and manufacturing advanced piezo-composite materials and systems based on these materials.


Piezo-composite materials are belonging to the group of new materials or smart materials. MFCPiezo-Composite materials manufactured by Smart Material Corp. are used in a wide spectrum of applications as actuators and sensors, in ultrasound transducers and vibration energy harvesting devices.


Our mission: To provide advanced piezo composites for commercial applications in high quantity, high quality and low cost and engineering services for designing and developing systems based on these materials.



Smart Material Corporation was founded in Sarasota, Florida in 2000. Shortly thereafter, in July 2002, Smart Material Corp. founded Smart Material GmbH, located at Dresden, Germany.




Smart Material operates in the markets of North America, Europe and Asia together with its distribution partners TREK Japan. We are serving a wide range of market segments in the industrial, defense and aerospace sectors. Academic, company and government Research&Development customers are a special and growing market segment. Smart Material is supporting this sector with a large database of publications, user forums and social media channels.


In terms of Applications our focus is on general Actuation, Sonar, Non Destructive Testing (NDT), Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) , Energy Harvesting from vibrations, Morphing and De-Icing systems for aerospace.


New material technologies like the advanced piezo composite materials manufactured by Smart Material call for special user support, which Smart Material and its partners from industry and research together offer. Smart Material has a senior team of application engineers which help our customers in all design-in tasks.

With our investment partner, AutoVision GmbH, as well as our research cooperation with Dr. Keats Wilkie NASAFraunhofer IKTS and NASA’s Langley Research Center, we are building on excellent conditions for establishing Smart Material as a leading international company with a clear focus on new material technologies.


Smart Material’s main manufacturing facilities are currently located in Dresden, Germany, in the direct vicinity of the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Sintered Materials (IKTS), which is one of the world’s leading research institutes in the field of revolutionary ceramic materials.


ProduktionsteamAs the center of the German semiconductor industry, the city of Dresden offers an outstanding infrastructure in cross-discipline material technology.

New materials pave the way for design innovations and new applications. They are instrumental in optimizing energy demand, weight, cost and efficiency for new products. This is a key strategy in mastering tomorrow’s challenges.


Helicopter and Satellite with MFCs