Test Conditions

The product life of an actuator is highly dependent on the individual application. Our endurance tests are performed under the following conditions:

Pre-stress: 0.5 Blocking Force
Control signal: 200 Vp-p, trapezoid, unipolar
Rise time: 140µs
Holding time: 1ms
Fall time: 140µs
Frequency: 200Hz
Surface temp: 120 °C

Under these conditions, the product life of an actuator exceeds 10^9 cycles. Our longest running tests have reached over 6 x 10^9 cycles, corresponding to a permanent operating time of approx. 2 years. This value exceeds the product life of most other electrical and mechanical components in the application environment.

Resonant mode

The product life of actuators become enhanced while operating in resonant mode. 10^11 cycles have been reached under the following conditions:

Pre-stress: 0.5 of Blocking Force
Control signal: 40 Vp-p, sine-wave, unipolar
Frequency: 14 kHz
Surface temp: 60 °C

DC Operations:

Under DC excitation, actuators can reach a product life of 3,000 hours at 200V as long as the air humidity does not exceed 5% rH.