SmartCharge, Store & Hold charge amplifier for the MFC

The measurement of static or low frequency deformations using piezoelectric strain gauges is an engineering challenge. A piezo electric strain gauge can generate a charge proportional to strain. This charge will dissipate in a relatively short period of time due to the finite input impedance of many of the used data acquisition circuits.

Smart Material has revisited this problem with a new approach: the Store & Hold technique. This transfers the generated charge to a high-end, leakage-free capacitor. The charge can be measured as a proportional voltage across the capacitance using a load-free, specially designed high impedance operational amplifier. This guarantees constant output signals of up to 3 minutes without any significant drift.

Input Channel one, optimized for the MFC M2807P2 and M8503P2
Gain 1/10/100 gain selectable with onboard dip switches
Output Voltage max. ± 2.3V analog
typical ± 1.7V analog
Power Supply 5V to 15V DC
Size 40 x 25mm printed circuit board