Piezo Ceramic Fibers

Smart Material utilizes a textile spinning method to manufacture green PZT fibers. The manufacturing process is based on the ALCERU® method, which constitutes a modified Lyocell fiber manufacturing procedure. The patented manufacturing method allows for the production of green fibers and tubes of various diameters and length with a high PZT material loading factor.

PZT fibers typically do not reach the full bulk PZT material properties, due to the much smaller sintered volume properties. Normally, fibers with about 75% of the bulk ceramic characteristics yields satisfactory results for most applications.

Our current standard diameters for PZT fibers are 105µm, 250µm and 800µm. Available PZT-systems are Navy type II and Navy type VI.  Smart Material utilizes PZT powders provided Ceramtec AG.

Available PZT Fibers

Fiber diameters 105µm, 250µm, 800µm
Fiber length up to 150mm,
typical length 75mm
PZT materials PZT SP505 (Navy type II) Standard inventory
PZT SP53 (Navy Type VI) on request only
Electrodes PZT Fibers are shipped with no electrodes and are not poled
Poling Poling Instructions: 2kV/mm at room temperature for 15min, use ramp-up and ramp-down cycling of > 1min for voltage

Please note that we ship all PZT fibers not poled and without electrodes. Proper equipment and experience is required for polarization and electroding of PZT material.