June 5th William Esler takes over as the new CEO of Smart Material GmbH at Dresden, Germany.

Dr. Jan Kunzmann, as the former CEO and R&D Manager of Smart Material GmbH has left the company as of March 31st 2023. William "Bill" Esler has many years of experience in leading small high tech companies and startups.

April 23th Global shortage of electronic components causing long lead times for our High Voltage Amplifiers, HVAs

The reported global shortage of electronic components has started to affect the production of our electronic systems, especially our line of High Voltage Amplifiers, HVAs as well. Smart Material has experienced an increased demand for our HVA line of products during the past years. Our typical lead time for the HVA-1500 series was between 4-6 weeks, which has increased to about 3-4 months due to electronic component shortages. We hope that this situation will revert back to the normal lead times by mid summer.

April 5th Smart Material is a member of the European Union InComEss research project

Smart Material GmbH joined the international research & development project InComEssInComEss of the European Union during March 2020.
The InComEss project, short for INnovative polymer-based COmposite systeMs for high-efficient Energy Scavenging and Storage, proposes a new green-and-cost-effective strategy for high efficient energy harvesting by combining new, smart and advanced polymer-based composite materials and structures into a single/multi-source concept to harvest electrical energy from mechanical energy and/or waste heat ambient sources, which consists of three novel Energy Harvesting Systems (EHSs) configurations: Piezoelectric, Thermoelectric and hybrid Thermo/PiezoElectric EHSs. The full documentation can be found on the official InComEss website.

March 31st Smart Material has expanded at its Dresden, Germany location

As production and demand for our products and services have been increasing over the years, our offices at our affiliate location in Dresden have become more and more constricted. In March, Smart Material GmbH has added more than 70% of office space in order to meet requirements for product demand and R&D activities. We are still located at Löbtauer Straße 69 in the heart of Dresden’s science and tech center. Our production department will be located on the 2nd floor, as before, and for visitors and guests, our reception and R&D department are now located on the 4th floor in the same building.

SMG Dresden
March 23rd COVID19 update for Smart Material

Smart Material Corporation and Smart Material GmbH are incorporating several measures in regards to the Coronavirus outbreak to ensure that we limit transmission of the virus, as well as keeping production as normal as possible. Office visits are limited to personnel only at this time.
In order to be able to deal with the very dynamic situation in the best possible way, we are in constant contact with our suppliers and vendors, and monitor the health of our employees with utmost priority.

We acknowledge that our customers and suppliers have done the same. We strive to make sure that deliveries are still made as close to confirmed dates as possible.
However, as the situation progresses, we may experience limited staff or limited materials due to vendors shutting down, so orders may be delayed due to this matter. We do hope that this scenario won't happen.

Please contact Smart Material with questions or concerns. We hope everyone stays safe and to please also think of others, including the vulnerable among our population, at this time.

-The Smart Material Team

February 12th CEDRATEC India PVT LTD and Smart Material signed Distribution Agreement

CEDRATEC India PVT LTD, located in Bengalore, and Smart Material signed a distributorship agreement for the distribution of Smart Material's products in India on February 12th, 2020. CEDRATEC India PVT LTD is a branch office of CEDRAT Technologies (CTEC), which is headquartered near Grenoble, France.

CTEC is worldwide renown for its mechatronic products like piezo & magnetic actuators, motors, mechanisms, transducers and sensors.

B. Muni Srinivasa Rao is the Indian Director of CEDRATEC INDIA PVT LTD. He is in charge of the business development of the company, including sales and marketing activities for CTEC mechatronic products and services. He and his team will also work on sales and support of Smart Material's products in the future.

Over the past years India has become an important market for Smart Material, especially the number of academic and research customers has risen constantly. Smart Material was looking for a competent partner with experience in piezo electric devices and systems and we are excited to have CEDRATEC India now as our partner for sales and support in India! This will also improve the often time consuming and complex shipping and custom procedures to India.

Of course Smart Material will continue to support its customers in India directly.

March 15th Mechano Transformer and Smart Material signed Distribution Agreement for Japan

Mechano Transformer Corp. and Smart Material signed a distributorship agreement for the distribution of Smart Material's products in Japan on March 15th, 2019. Smart Material welcomes our new distribution partner in the very important Japanese market!

Mechano Transformer Corporation expertise is in core Actuator technology, aiming to explore opportunities locally and globally by providing new developments to industries such as medical, energy, agricultural and other segments.

Please check out Mechano Transfromers Corp. website at http://www.mechano-transformer.com/en/

May 3rd Follow Smart Material on Social Media and User Groups!
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Smart Material is internationally recognized and therefore has a wide variety of social media for easy access and interaction. We feature an informative collection of fun product tutorials and research and development videos on our frequently visited YouTube channel, as well as a Facebook page that offers weekly tips, suggestions, news, and product introductions and is a favorite among our young researchers. Join our Macro Fiber Composite User Forum for research, questions, and comments about our MFC.

Recently our Macro Fiber Composite product has passed the 1,000 count mark on Research Gate. Take a look into this great base for research and development projects. Check us out on our social media sites and let the innovation begin.

April 5th Smart Material received the prestigiuos ”Innovative through Research” Seal

Smart Material received the prestiguos
”Innovative through Research” Seal from the German Association for the Promotion of Science.