Specialty Macro Fiber Composites and Custom Designs


Smart Material also offers numerous specialized MFC layouts in addition to manufacturing Macro Fiber Composites in a wide variety of standard sizes. Specialty MFCs have more complex designs, including arrays of single MFCs, and also allow for electronic components to be integrated with the MFC.

Star MFC P1 Triangle shaped MFC

This includes, for example, the Star MFC array for pumps and synthetic jets, the S1 and S2 types (which consist of sensor and actuator elements for a closed loop control), triangular-shaped MFCs for strain adaptation, and several other MFC arrays.

We also offer MFCs integrated on various substrates, for example cantilever typ devices with the MFC being integrated with an FR4 PCB material.


A growing percentage of MFCs manufactured by Smart Material are customer specific designs. Typically the feasibility of customer specific applications are tested with the various standard MFC sizes first, including rapid prototyping. After the initial feasibility and prototyping phase, many of our customers will usually decide to make an application-specific custom design of the MFC. Some of the more common reasons for ordering a custom designed MFC are:

  • to meet the exact required mechanical dimensions as well as strain and blocking force requirements,
  • to combine several standard MFCs in one single array to save costs,
  • to integrate electronic components, for example rectifiers for multi-MFC harvesters,
  • to include specific power leads and connectors (to avoid standard cable connections).

Smart Material offers custom design services with typical lead times of 5-6 weeks.

MFC Custom Design Overview:

Max. size of custom MFC 400mm by 530mm,
15.7 inches by 20 inches
MFC types P1, F1, P2, P3
Typical lead time 5 weeks for < 25 units
6 weeks for > 25 units
Available outer shell materials polyimide (capton), polyester
Typical thickness 300┬Ám, 12mil
NRE charges depending on requested lead time and minimum quantities