Shape Morphing of Airfoils and Structures

Shape Morphing of airfoils, spoiler, rudders and other structures is one of the important applications for the MFC. In these applications one or several MFCs are bonded to mostly composite structures, i.e. Carbon Fiber composites and Glass Fiber Composites and are bending them if power is applied.

P.A.S.S. - Piezo Anti Ice Smart Skin for composite aircraft wings

PASS is a new type of an MFC-based De-Icing and Anti-Ice system for unmanned aircrafts, specifically those with composite leading edges.
PASS has been developed as a light-weight, low-power, retrofittable system.

Vibration Control

MFCs have been used in many vibration control projects during the past 15 years. Market segments include Aerospace, Automotive, Buildings and Consumer Products.

SHM - Structural Health Monitoring

Due to its flexibility the MFC is used in several structural health monitoring appilcations, including passive and active acoustic spectroscopy as well as transceiver for guided waves (lamb waves).

Energy Harvesting from Vibrations

Applications using the MFC to harvest energy from vibrations or kinetic energy has become a rapidly growing field. Due to its flexibility, robustness and environmentally-sealed packaging, the MFC is perfectly suited as a kinetic energy harvester, especially for non-resonant applications. The P2 type MFC was specifically developed as a piezo electric harvester or PEH.
Energy Harvesting Section

Flexible Strain Gauge

The MFC is used in many applications as a piezo electric strain gauge, due to its high frequency capabilities and flexibility. In general, piezo electric strain gauges are best used for dynamic, non-static strain measurements, with dynamic changes >1Hz.