Engineering Services

Ultrasound Transducer Design

Smart Material is offering engineering services for modeling, development, production and test of ultrasound transducers based on our various 1-3 piezo composite products.

We also offer various electronic amplifiers capable to drive different capacitive loads in various frequency ranges for Sonar, NDT and SHM applications.

Our area of expertise is the design and production of:

  • SONAR transducers and arrays, 100khz to 1MHz
  • Air Ultrasound Transducer, 40kHz to 200kHz
  • NDT Transducers matched to different load mediums, 500kHz to 10MHz
  • Flaw detectors / Thickness gauges (including delay line), 1MHz to 8MHz
  • Medical Single Element Transducers, > 2MHz

Our engineering services for designing complete Ultrasound Transducers are including:

Transducer Modeling and Numerical Simulation

  • Calculation of the acoustical behavior of the 1-3 piezo composite transducer using analytical and numerical methods.
  • Design and calculation of matching and backing layers to improve bandwidth and acoustical coupling.
  • Optimization of fill factor and rod distribution of the 1-3 composite to improve overall acoustical performance
  • Electric impedance matching to improve energy transfer into the transducer and enhance bandwidth

Transducer Testing

  • Full electrical and electromechanical characterization, including Impedance Spectrometer and PiezoLab Software
  • Watertank with 3D hydroacoustic mapping capabilities
  • Pulse/echo response measurements for characterization in the time and frequency domain
  • Beam characterization of air ultrasound transducers up to 100kHz

Transducer Prototyping and Production

  • Assembly of complete transducers with matching and backing layers, including production of calculated matching layer material properties
  • Production of complete interconnected transducers arrays, assembly into housings with attenuating potting materials, including lenses
  • Production of radially or spherically formed transducer elements

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