Actuator and Sensor Development

Smart Material offers engineering services for the development, modeling, prototyping and testing of actuators and sensors based on the MFC and Stack Actuator product line.

Innovative and advanced actuators and sensors like the MFC and the multilayer stack actuators often require a completely different approach for the design of kinematic applications compared with other standard mechanical actuators, i.e. electromagnetic, pneumatic actuators, or electro motors. The correct selection of the actuator size and dimensions and the material properties of the attached structure are critical to unlock the full power and capabilities of advanced piezo ceramic actuators.

The combination of highly anisotropic materials, like glass fiber composites and carbon fiber composites, with the MFC are especially perfect for highly efficient actuators and sensors.

Design studies and simulation

  • Experimental structural analysis
  • Analytical pre-calculation of actuator substrate interaction
  • Design solutions based on compliant structures
  • Numerical based optimization process

Customizing MFC elements and prototyping

  • Layout and manufacturing of customized MFCs
  • Design and prototyping of suitable host structures
  • Bonding or embedding of MFC sensors & actuators

FEA Analysis Beam

Test and evaluation

  • Fully equipped test laboratory
  • Experimental verification of sensor & actuator behavior
  • Long term studies and electrical conditioning

Vibration Control Ski Spiral

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