MFC P2 Type generator

MFC Energy Harvester M8528P2, M8557P2 and M8585P2

The P2 type and P3 type MFCs were especially designed for energy harvesting applications. These types of MFCs feature a high electric source capacitance, low output voltage, and increased electric charge generation, which make these types of MFCs well suited for vibration harvesting applications. The MFC item numbers M8528P2, M8557P2, and M8585P2 are standard inventory types.

In comparison to other piezo ceramic harvester devices the standard MFCs are delivered unattached to a structure or cantilever. This allows for the attachment to vibration nodes of existing structures and is one of the important features of using the flexible MFC for energy harvesting applications. It also allows for the design of non-resonant harvesters. You will find bonding instructions in the FAQ section.

Typical energy output if attached to a cantilever, at 1G acceleration, 10Hz and 800ppm strain, energy accumulated for 30 sec:
M8528P2 120mJ, 4mJ / sec
M8557P2 290mJ, 9.7mJ / sec
M8585P2 390mJ, 13mJ / sec
MFC P2 Type generator

MFC Cantilevers and Composite Benders for Energy Harvesting applications

Smart Material also provides readily assembled cantilevers for energy harvesting applications requiring a standard resonant design, or for rapid prototyping. Using our inhouse capabilities for manufacturing various glass fiber and carbon fiber composites, we are providing custom-tailored devices to meet your specifications for a particular resonance frequency and required energy. Please contact us with your specific design requirements. Please check out our Engineering section for energy harvesting applications and for further information.