MFC P2 Type generator

Smart Material Conditioner CL-50

A energy harvester conditioner specifically designed for the MFC P2 type products. The CL-50 is the first of a line of Conditioner products designed to match the impedance, output voltage range and harvested energy (electric charge) of the MFC P2 type family for maximum efficiency.

Input: 1 to 5 units of M8528P2 MFC (connected in parallel)
Output Voltage: 3.3V
Maximum output current: 40mA
Maximum output power: 130 mW
Dimensions: 47mm by 22mm

MFC P2 Type generator

Advanced Linear Devices EH300/EH301

THe EH300/EH301 Series EH Modules can accept energy from many types of electrical energy sources and store this energy to power conventional 3.3V and 5.0V electrical circuits EH300/EH301 Series Modules are completely selfpowered and always in the active mode. They can function with instantaneous input voltages ranging from 0.0V to +/-500V AC or DC, and input currents from 200nA to 400mA.

Harvested energy can be collected from sources that produce electrical energy in either a steady or an intermittent and irregular manner with varying source impedances.

Max. Instantaneous Input Voltage: ± 500V
Max. Instantaneous Input Current 400mA
Max. Input Power:


Internal voltage clamp: 7.0V@10mA
Max. output current 1A

Minimum charging input:

EH300:4.0V@500nA (2µW)
EH301: 6.0V@500nA(3µW)

Output voltage:

EH300:VL=1.8V, Vh=3.6V, useful energy 30mJ
EH301: VL=3.1V, Vh=5.2V, useful energy 55mJ